Audi Working on Hydrogen-Powered A7

German automaker Audi is reportedly developing a fuel cell-powered version of its A7 five-door coupe. Although no details have been revealed, word has it Audi will begin testing the car near the end of the summer.
2013 Audi A7 1 photo
Believed to be part of Audi’s new “tron” range of green vehicles, the fuel cell-powered A7 is the company’s second FCV, after the Q5 Hybrid Fuel Cell (HFC). Developed as a prototype in 2009, the Q5 HFC used two hydrogen high-pressure cylinders to send power to its twin electric motors.

Audi is not the only manufacturer working on a hydrogen-powered vehicle. Korean automaker Hyundai has announced plans to introduce the Tucson FCEV in 2015. The company’s SUV could become the world’s first production fuel cell car.

Often regarded as the automobile of the future, the hydrogen-powered vehicle has been pondered by several automakers. However, the high costs of high-pressure hydrogen tanks and the lack of infrastructure have pushed companies toward hybrids and all-electric vehicles.

Story via Autocar


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