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Audi Will Acquire Silvercar, an American Car-Sharing Technology Company

Audi has decided to expand its minority share in Silvercar to 100%, thus completing an acquisition of the American company.
2017 Audi A4. In Silver, obviously 1 photo
Ride sharing seems to be the next big thing for car companies these days, and the Chinese at Lynk & Co have started an entire marque to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Audi had a stake in a company named Silvercar, which is concentrated on "digital services for flexible automobile use in the high-end market segment."

The description they used is a bit too complicated, so we feel the need to explain what Silvercar does. It is a premium car sharing company that uses an app, and Audi has decided to buy the rest of the shares it did not own. The German automaker was already a partner of the service, and it looks like the sky is the limit for this collaboration.

Like many other competing brands, Audi had to decide between investing or buying an existing company from the ride-sharing/car-sharing segment, or to create a new one from scratch.

Time will tell if creating something new and operating it as a start-up is the way to go. The other possibility is buying out a promising firm was better than building one from scratch, but we will get to see automakers battle it out on this field.

Silvercar was founded in 2012, and it has received several awards for the quality of its services. Its fleet consists exclusively of silver Audi A4 models, and users get access to every part of the experience using a dedicated app on their smartphones.

You can understand why Audi was interested in this company, and this kind of reputation can prove inestimable in the long run if the new owner focuses on taking care of the aspect and improving it to the maximum possible level.

With Audi as its owner, the car sharing company will have access to the latest cars from the marque, and all of them will be in the best possible condition at all times.

Moreover, this is one of the best promotional ideas you could imagine with a rental car fleet, as potential clients get to drive your products instead of your rival’s, and your company earns money off this promotional effort.

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