Audi TTS Takes on the Alfa Romeo 4C to Prove It's Not a Sportscar

Thank you, Jason Cammisa, you lovable Adam Sandler lookalike. The internet is bored with everything, but you've managed to look at the Audi TTS in a different way, even though you didn't have to.
Audi TTS Takes on the Alfa Romeo 4C to Prove It's Not a Sportscar 1 photo
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Starting at 52,000 freaking dollars, the TTS is the most overpriced VW Golf... until the TT-RS goes on sale. Meanwhile, the Alfa Romeo 4C seems like something God made. Forget about the Porsche; that should make an interesting comparison review, right?

To be honest, I've wanted to see what happens in a race between the TTS and Alfa 4C forever. Because if a Tesla is towing a 4C is faster than a 4C, I'm a VW-loving baked potato. Despite having the powertrains in different places, these two coupes have similarities. For example, both their turbocharged 4-cylinder engines are based on ones found in economy cars.

The middle section of this video is funnier than any Adam Sandler movie, especially Pixels. While Cammisa honks the horn to prove he's having so much fun in his "My Little Pony Ferrari", his co-hosts talk about making the perfect stout beer.

And then they have a track battle, and Randy gets distracted by Lieberman's scientific explanations of what a graviton particle is. There's no way you read my entire article, just like there's no way you watched Motor Trend's entire 22-minute video.

But if you did, you would now know why dry dual-clutch gearboxes, like the on in the Alfa 4C, aren't as good as the wet one. You might also learn that there are no real sportscars left in the world because carmakers are too afraid to make a mistake.

After you're done falling in love with the Alfa Romeo $C, sorry 4C, you learn why the Audi TTS is the perfect everyday sportscar. And by perfect, we mean that it has one flaw: the fact that there is no preset radio system.

Other than that, this is the only car in the world that rides perfectly on 30-series tires, essentially duct tape on a rim. The trunk is big, even without folding the rear seats.

As a conclusion, we agree that the Alfa 4C is a brilliant 5th car. But if you're going to have a multi-car garage, you might want to consider a used Honda S2000. It costs several times less and has no powertrain flaws.

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