Audi Takes Quick Chess Lessons from BMW

Ad fight was taken to the streets. And not just any streets, but those of California. Santa Monica, to be more precise. Just one of those places where luxury cars come to meet each other in the final battle.

Audi challenged BMW to a chess game which ended up faster then they probably thought. After putting up billboards in order to promote the new Audi A4, that had "Your move, BMW" written next to it, BMW crushed it with only one strike: "Checkmate", strengthened with an image of the M3. Now that was fast ... If this were a computer game, Audi would have been probably flashed with a message like "Game Over!".

We still have to wait for Subaru's reply though, before proclaiming this a game, set, match for BMW. As you all probably remember, in 2006, these were three of the finalists from the International Advertiser Bitch Slapping Awards (IABSA). Only then, BMW was starting the fight, congratulating Audi for winning the South African Car of the Year award. If you ask yourself how could have this been a hit for Audi, then here you have the answer: the congrats were signed "From the Winner of World Car of the Year 2006".

Of course, Audi could just politely return the favour to BMW. The marketing team did their best and slapped their opponent with a painful line, by signing "From the Winner of Six Consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour Races 2000 – 2006".

When everybody thought it couldn't get worse than that, Subaru kicks the two prestigious automakers in the muffler, with genius headline: "Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest. From the winner of the 2006 International Engine of the Year."

So keeping the scoreboard updated, the competition is tight: Subaru – 1, BMW – 1, Audi – 0. Anybody else want to play along?

BMW billboard from Juggernaut Advertising on Vimeo.
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