Audi SQ7 vs. Alfa Romeo 4C Drag Race Is Uncomfortably Close

Audi SQ7 vs. Alfa Romeo 4C Drag Race Is Uncomfortably Close 3 photos
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Audi SQ7 vs. Alfa Romeo 4C Drag Race Is Uncomfortably CloseAudi SQ7 vs. Alfa Romeo 4C Drag Race Is Uncomfortably Close
The Audi SQ7 and Alfa Romeo 4C are polar opposites. One is a super-big luxury SUV that has been fitted with a powerful diesel V8 engine. The other can barely carry your toothpaste and has been stripped down to nothing. I don't think you can confuse which is which, right?
The problem with super-light sports cars is YouTube makes them seem redundant. We've already seen how the Tesla Model X can drag race a 4C while towing another 4C.

What's more, the lack of comfort features seems comical in this car. Where the Porsche Cayman would have a front trunk, this just has a hood that's stuck in place. You can't put much at the back either, plus this is one of the few modern cars without power steering.

The SQ7 comes with literally everything - two turbochargers, an electric supercharger, available all-wheel steering, AWD, multi-zone air conditioning, an 85-liter fuel tank, a big trunk and more.

Right, let's move on to the drag race. The SQ7 rockets off the line and stretches that lead, thanks to a 900 Nm surge of torque. Eventually, the fact that it's so tall and only produces 435 HP starts to play a part. The Alfa comes back, and the race is a tie.

But this just goes to show that just because one car looks tall and cumbersome and the other sleek and Italian they can't be equal. Fat cars need loving too!

Anyway, the cost of owning these things puts an even weirder spin on the story. You can order the SQ7 for around €92,000, provided you don't live somewhere that hates diesels, like America. The 4C started at about €50,500, but the one in the video is a 4C Spyder worth around €72,000. So it's pretty close, but only one can take you on holidays.

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