Audi SQ7 Gets Carbon Fiber and Cream Leather Interior from Neidfaktor

Audi's most exciting car right now is the TT RS. But you can't fit a dog or drive your family to the Alps in a tiny coupe, unless your family consists of Russian contortionists with Chihuahuas, of course.
Audi SQ7 Gets Carbon Fiber and Cream Leather Interior from Neidfaktor 31 photos
And that's where the SQ7 comes in. It's the most technologically advanced SUV Audi makes, not to mention a temple of diesel torque. All it needs now is an interior that spells luxury.

Neidfaktor is one of the best companies in Europe when you want an Audi or a Porsche with a custom interior that retains a factory-fresh look. But recently, they've started paying attention to the exteriors too.

For the SQ7, the Germans chose a black carbon fiber finish on several trim pieces. These include the door sills and the hexagonal grille, both of which are big enough to stand out from a distance. A carbon rear skirt is also the best way to draw attention to the quad exhaust system that we can think of.

The interior is similar to what we've seen from ABT. However, it's done in a classier way. Most Audis have very dark interiors with black dashboards and black leather everywhere, but not this one. Neidfaktor went to town and redesigned the door cards, seat trims, window frames, center console, steering wheel, rearview mirror as well as the trunk of this car.

Only the wheel has a dominant quantity of carbon fiber; everything else is done in a really light cream leather, which is perforated in some places. The attention to detail borders on OCD, as even the seat belt latches have been decked out.

No expense was spared in ensuring places that are rarely touched, like the plastic surrounds of the seat bases or the trunk cubbies are finished the right way. What's more, this is one the few projects we've seen where the stitching is hidden. 10 years from now, this will still look classy, provided the EU doesn't chase the SQ7 off the road by then.


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