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Audi Sport Range Will Be Expanded By Eight New Products By 2019

Audi Sport, the division formerly named Quattro GmbH, will launch eight new products by 2019.
2017 Audi RS 7 Sportback performance (European model) 1 photo
The news comes straight from Stefan Winkelmann, the former boss of Lamborghini, who is currently leading Audi Sport. Eight new products in just over two years seem like a lot of new cars from the division that only builds RS models and the R8, but it appears that two of them have already been unveiled.

As Winkelmann explained to the Australians at Car Advice, the RS3 Sedan and the RS5 Coupe are part of the eight new products that will be launched by the division by 2019. In other words, Audi Sport has six other models up its “sleeves,” ready to be revealed within the next two years.

Just like every Audi Sport product, these models will come with oval exhaust tips, which will have a reasonable size. A reasonably large size, that is, if you look at their previous products. Audi is not expected to launch a diesel RS model, but we would not rule out a performance hybrid or even an EV.

’s performance division has become a household name, and the same can be said about Daimler’s Mercedes-AMG, but Audi does not have the same level of awareness in the world for the newly renamed division.

The German brand wants to change that, and the plan involves opening more dedicated locations to showcase the unmistakably sporty products of the branch.

Lexus, one of Audi’s competitors, is also expanding its performance division, F Sport. Meanwhile, their rivals at Infiniti are analyzing all their options regarding the potential establishment of a dedicated unit for performance-enhanced cars.

Evidently, there is a market for premium models with enhanced performance, but only the analysts who work for the automakers involved in the class can estimate if it will be the best decision for a company. The options on the table are to create or expand its presence in the field, or to focus on something entirely different.


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