Audi S5 Rides on HRE Wheels

Americans are still waiting for Audi to introduce the facelifted version of the A4 and A5 to the marker, but don’t imagine that the country’s aftermarket developers are sitting around, doing nothing.
Audi S5 on HRE Wheels 6 photos
Audi S5 on HRE WheelsAudi S5 on HRE WheelsAudi S5 on HRE WheelsAudi S5 on HRE WheelsAudi S5 on HRE Wheels
Instead, they’re doing what they do best - tune, tune, tune. The latest example of this comes from HRE Wheels, which has played with an Audi S5 coupe (the pre-facelift version, of course).

The two-door has been fitted with a set of HRE P44SC wheels, which come in a Gloss Silver finish that mixes with the gray shade of the car in an interesting way. Thus, the car was given a rather discrete image, but once you look at it, you become lost in the five-double spoke design of the rims and you’ll stare at the vehicle for quite a while.


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