Audi RS7 with Externally Mounted Turbos Sounds Insane, Looks Satanic

We don't know who built this thing or why, but that won't stop us from enjoying one of the most expensive Audis ever made fitted with what look like the horns of Satan.
Audi RS7 with Externally Mounted Turbos Sounds Insane, Looks Satanic 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
The guy who uploaded the video on YouTube is calling it a Stage 10 car, and he isn't wrong. Normally, when tuners play with the twin-turbo V8 engine of the RS7, they might increase the turbo boost and install aftermarket exhausts. But this guy has just strapped two brand new turbos outside of the car.

To say that the new twin-turbo system doesn't fit under the hood is the understatement of the century because there is no hood any more.

Since emerging on Reddit at the beginning of the week, this story has gathered a few technical details. For example, it's believed that the crazy RS7 Sportback belongs to a Russian tuning company called Total Race. They are the kind of people you usually see at the Moscow Mile, their flagship being an 800 wheel horsepower Mk1 Touareg with a twin-turbo W12 engine.

We took the liberty of adding a video of that below because it's crazy and was also shot at the same forest location. Total Race has a video of a State 4 RS7 being dyno tested at 942 all-wheel horsepower. But we have no way of proving it's the same car (same color and spec, but they took the plates off).

Drag racers in America have had superchargers sticking out of the hood since forever. But at least those look cool. Rather than discuss the mystery of the horned Audi RS7, we'll let you guys enjoy 12 seconds of insanity and be done with it.

Editor's note: There's a guy in Germany who worked on the RS7 and is banging his head against the wall right now.

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