Audi RS7 Avant Rendering Has Something Very German About It

Welcome to the "let's imagine that I'm a rich man" story. Because if I were, somebody would make me this RS7 wagon with a trunk big enough for all my dogs.
Audi RS7 Avant Rendering Has Something Very German About It 3 photos
Photo: Theophilus Chin
Audi RS7 Avant Rendering Has Something Very German About ItAudi RS7 Avant Rendering Has Something Very German About It
Maniacal dreams aside, it's quite funny to see a rendering of the RS7 wagon so late in the game. The car has already been available for about three years, and we thought everybody was done looking at it.

But Theophilus Chin decided to test his skills and make and RS7 Avant. Why? Because in 2011, he rendered an A7 Avant that he doesn't like anymore. It's a common theme among artists who draw the same thing every few years. This shows how much their "eye" and skills have improved.

As long as we're looking back, we might as well examine how the Audi A7 started. You might think this car is synonymous with cutting edge technology, but back in 2012, it had a less glamorous 2.8-liter FSI motor pushing just 204 horsepower under the hood. That's less power than some Hyundai Elantra models for goodness' sake.

What's more, a Multitronic CVT gearbox was available for a short time as well, though it was soon replaced by the 7-speed S tronic throughout the range.

Nowadays, the RS7 has almost three times more power than that early 2.8-liter, as a performance model with 605 hp has been brought down by the twin-turbo gods.

The RS7 performance is faster to 60 than the Ferrari 458 Italia and Dodge Viper. Yes, all that rubber grip comes with a downside, which is understeer, but most people just want to be fast.

So it's little wonder that Audi has had a lot of success. Over in Europe, the RS6 Avant is even more popular. During the Worthersee GTI Meet this year, we've seen at least a dozen of them. It's not like people fill their wagon trunks to the roof. But it's just cool to have that underwhelming body combined with such a mighty engine.

Will there ever be an A7 Avant? Probably not, but Audi probably played with the idea when Marc Lichte was allowed to design and make the Prologue Avant concept.
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