Audi RS4 With quattro Launch Frustrates BMW M3 CS in Drag Race

We've seen drag races between the RS4 and M3 before, but not the CS model. Unless it's on a super-sticky drag strip, the rear-wheel drive setup of the M3 is a disadvantage.
Audi RS4 With quattro Launch Frustrates BMW M3 CS in Drag Race 3 photos
But what does the CS bring to the table? Well, we're dealing with a more hardcore mode with a stiff setup, carbon ceramic brakes, and a slightly more powerful 460 horsepower engine. It should become obsolete when the new 3 Series comes out in the next few months, but for now, it's the pinnacle of RWD M performance.

The RS4 is... a regular RS4. Audi Sport hasn't gotten round to making the performance pack yet, so the 2.9-liter engine still produces 450 horsepower and the same amount of torque as the M3, 600 Nm.

Because of the 8-speed automatic they used, the launch of the RS4 is not as ballistic as the RS3. But once you let go of the brake, it just goes, putting all the power down without making a fuss. Just like all the M3s before it, the CS doesn't stand a chance.

Mat Wason from Carwow does three different attempts in the Bimmer, with launch control, without it and by... cheating. Each time, the RS4 wins, proving that it's the most predictable and reliable launcher. But does that mean it's the fastest car?

A rolling race is where the M3 CS shines, thanks to much better response times from the engine and the DCT. Also, the BMW sedan is about 200 kg lighter than the wagon rival. So look past the quattro trickery, and M cars are still great.

This video tries to be a full-on review, so Mat also takes both cars on the road and track, coming to the logical conclusion that the CS is a fun track car that's more difficult to live with on the road. Not to discount the RS4, he describes it as supremely comfortable and very fast with reassuring levels of grip.


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