Audi R8s Go Twerking, Show What Happens when You Fool Around with Air Suspension

Did you think the twerking "fashion" had started to lose traction? Apparently, you were wrong, as the rather ridiculous dancing has only moved to the supercar world.
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Photo: Youtube screenshot
Yes, we're talking about twerking supercars here and we were just as amazed as you are after coming across the pice of footage at the bottom of the page. The clip brings us a pair first-generation Audi R8s, which has been gifted with air suspension hardware and is now using it to pull the stunt mentioned above.

At least one of these Audis, namely the one that has stripped of its rear bumper for the sake of the show, packs a twin-turbo setup, so we're talking about the potential of developing insane speeds here.

However, such an asset doesn't seem to be enough for certain supercar owners who want to show off. You see, the fooling around moves present in this clip are nothing but the latest manifestation of a trend we've been discussing for a while now.

This involves drivers for whom image is the most important aspect of a machine. These people go for retired supercars, which can be acquired without having to sell a kidney, and then turn to the aftermarket world.

So far, there's nothing wrong with such a path, as it ends up guaranteeing a fresh supercar driving experience for well under $100,000. However, the problem is the way in which these cars are tuned and driven.

For instance, one can turn a Nissan GT-R into a time attack monster or a drift car, but can also go for the show-off approach and come up with an RWD Godzilla for no logical reason, parading the supercar through Monaco, for instance.

We've decided to call this the brotuning subculture and while we can't wait to see its popularity dropping, we have a feeling this won't happen too soon.

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