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Audi Q9 Digitally Drops All Camo, Looks Like a More Expensive Volkswagen Atlas

While its rivals from Mercedes and BMW have experimented with all sorts of high-riders, Audi has played it safe. It was the last of the three to launch an executive crossover coupe, aka the Q8, and it still does not have a rival to the likes of the GLS and X7.
Audi Q9 rendering 8 photos
Audi Q9 renderingAudi Q9 renderingAudi Q9 renderingAudi Q9 prototypeAudi Q9 prototypeAudi Q9 prototypeAudi Q9 prototype
However, that is about to change, as the four-ring brand is finally working on a flagship crossover. It will be their biggest offering yet, sitting above the Q7, and logic dictates that it will be christened the Q9.

Prototypes of such a vehicle have been spotted testing these past few months in different environments, including at the (in)famous Nurburgring, and it will be instantly recognizable as an Audi, up front at least. Scoops have revealed that it will sport a big grille, flanked by slim LED headlights, and horizontal taillights.

The overall proportions are that of an enlarged Q7, hence why some believe that it will be named the Q7 L and not the Q9, and it appears to have a Volkswagen Atlas flair. That would definitely not be a surprise, considering that the Q9 will supposedly launch in China only, and it is likely that Audi wants to make it as affordable as they can.

Using the Atlas approach too, the peeps at Kolesa have put their rendering skills to use yet again, trying to imagine how the Q9 would look like. The result is totally unsurprising, as this large high-rider mixes the traditional looks of the Atlas, with the Ingolstadt company's typical grille, logos, and wheels. The cabin should look a bit different than that of its Volkswagen cousin, so expect Audi’s usual digital cockpit, infotainment system, and premium materials.

The unveiling date is yet unknown, but we might see it, in all likelihood, before the end of 2022 or in early 2023.


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