Audi Q8 6x6 Pickup Comes Alive in Rendering Video, Looks Ready for the G63 6x6

For some reason, the top-end Audi SUV model is something people occasionally want to see as a truck. It probably has to do with the illusion of German engineering or the quality of the design. But the following rendering doesn't stop at adding a pickup bed, as it's also a Hennessey VelociRaptor fighter of sorts.
Audi RS Q8 6x6 pickup rendering 3 photos
Audi Q8 6x6 Pickup Comes Alive in Rendering Video, Looks Ready for the G63 6x6Audi Q8 6x6 Pickup Comes Alive in Rendering Video, Looks Ready for the G63 6x6
The first Q7 truck renderings are probably almost as old as this website. Theophilus Chin, in particular, loved doing these things. We feel that a truck with the engine from the RS Q8 would be pretty interesting. Imagine almost 600 horsepower coming from a twin-turbo V8. Nobody does that, at least not in the mainstream. But this rendering appears to be based on the regular Q8 that came out a few years back, probably because the 3D model was easier to secure.

The man behind this creation is Rostislav Prokop, and although this isn't his most attention-grabbing work, it gives us a chance to talk more about pickups and renderings in general. Too often do we see comments that say, "that's just Photoshop," and this rendering is clearly 3D, having been placed in a realistic environment (it's called an HDRI if we're not mistaken).

The 6x6 phenomenon traces its roots to the ultra-expensive Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6. Powered by its twin-turbo V8 and featuring what seemed like army technology wrapped in luxury leather, it inspired many American projects. Nowadays, we have the Ford F-150 VelociRaptor, as well as a few extended Jeep Gladiators.

Of course, there' a major difference in construction here. With the Gladiator and F-150, you can remove the pickup bed and modify the frame to have more wheels. But the Audi Q8 is unibody and would need brand new sheet metal. The easiest way to pull something like this off is to keep all of the Q8 chassis intact for rigidity and integrate a tubular chassis into the rear end.

But it's not like you can't build a unibody truck from the ground up. And given how much money people are spending on F-150, we're frankly shocked BMW, Mercedes, and Audi don't have anything in this segment.

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