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Audi Q7 Makes Eery Visit to Hong Kong

We don't know about you guys, but over at the autoevolution news desk not a day passes without us thinking just how long the Q7 is sticking around for.
Audi Q7 in Hong Kong 1 photo
The full-size luxury vehicle was unveiled in 2005 and entered production in 2006 at the VW Bratislava Plant in Slovakia. Now, back then the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne were about three years old. Both those cars are now in their second generation and are getting ready for a facelift, but Audi is saying "no, we'll wait for the next-gen platform to arrive".

Despite this, the Chinese are buying them by the bucket-load because they are German and offer lots of legroom. Because of this, Audi have released a video showing the Q7 driving through the modern streets of the lion city, Hong Kong. The background music is kind of eery but it does make the cruise seem effortless.

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