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Audi Q5 vs. BMW X3 vs. Mercedes GLC Comparison Test Shows How Fast Cars Age

The BMW X3 is the daddy of the compact SUV segment. However, other German companies may have the reins. Audi's Q5 is a jack of all trades while the all-new Mercedes GLC seems to offer nearly everything.
Audi Q5 vs. BMW X3 vs. Mercedes GLC Comparison Test Shows How Fast Cars Age 1 photo
Up next, we're going to take a close look at a comparison between the very latest model years of these three SUVs that have been put to the test on the Bridgestone proving ground.

16 editors from different publications were asked to examine the trio. While the results were not unanimous, they do suggest newer is better. The interior of the GLC-Class is described as being the nicest. Being pulled straight out of the C-Class, that shouldn't surprise anybody. The BMW X3 is described as a bad family car because of its rear seats. But not every X3 owner has kids to worry about.

Surprisingly, despite recent facelifts, both the X3 and Q5 lag behind the GLC in terms of perceived quality. We think company strategy plays a major role here, as Mercedes is the only premium company to use large piano-finish surfaces.

Audi's idea of an SUV for middle management is good at everything and excellent at nothing. You're never going to make a bad decision by buying it, but it's not a good one either.

The newer GLC has the best ride and slightly better powertrains. But is it just us or does it not look better than the S-Line equipped Audi?

You can easily tell that emotions play a big role in everything these German journalists say. The X3 has always been known for its handling while the Q5 is called a failure because Audi makes better interiors.

In about two years, this market will look completely different. That's when the next generations of the BMW and Audi will be ready, and by the looks of things they will have even more features. We're expecting the Q5 to be offered with at least four suspension versions, a limited slip diff, and autonomous driving technology.

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