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Audi Q3 Unicorn Is What Happens When You Let Instagram Design Cars

Instagram and Facebook are two of the social media channels that have come to define our world. Nearly everything that happens on the planet, from wars to french fries, gets shared and liked. And, from time to time, the physical world responds accordingly.
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Audi Q3 UnicornAudi Q3 UnicornAudi Q3 UnicornAudi Q3 UnicornAudi Q3 Unicorn
As do most carmakers of the world, Audi too is a social media addict. The virtual world allows it to create things it otherwise wouldn’t have dreamed of, like say placing a huge unicorn horn on the forehead of a Q3.

Because followers liked the idea so much - an image made in collaboration with creative production company Gentleman Scholar – and with the inevitable arrival of October 31, the Germans decided to take the horn out of Instagram and make it more tangible.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, people in Washington, D.C. got to see a weird creation roaming the streets, certainly spreading candy and allegedly spreading joy. The car departed from a local Cars & Coffee event and headed to “areas popular for millennials celebrating the holiday” before coming to rest at the Inova Children’s Hospital in Great Falls, Virginia.

The element that stands out the most, the horn, is three feet long and, befitting a unicorn, wrapped in “shimmering gold paint infused with glitter and hints of purple.” The color and bling were chosen to match the pearlescent vinyl that dresses the car and “produces dazzling rainbows when exposed to light.”

There are some changes at the interior too, the most noticeable being the ambient interior lighting that shines purple “to bring some of the magic inside.”

Luckily for the world, Audi mentioned nothing about making the huge unicorn a standard feature on its cars. On the contrary, the carmaker warned people “do not attempt, or drive with props or inappropriate accessories installed,” as injury or death can occur. And that usually ruins any holiday.

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