Audi Q3 Clone Presented at the 2015 Chengdu Auto Show – Photo Gallery

Zotye may have been founded only 13 years ago, but the Chinese manufacturer promises "excellent performance, exquisite workmanship, and fine appearances" for the cars it sells. However, the truth is that Zotye is a stereotypical Chinese automaker.
Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21) 9 photos
Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)Audi Q3 Replica (Zotye S21)
Recently presented at the 2015 Chengdu Auto Show and photographed by the peeps from CarNewsChina and IndianAutosBlog, the Zotye S21 isn't featured on the automaker's website at the time of writing. Still, the live pics tell it like it is – just the bastard lovechild of a German premium crossover and a Chinese auto designer with no imagination at all... or talent.

The front fascia borrows stylistic cues from VW, the side profile is pure Q3 (albeit the quarter glass looks like an afterthought), and the rear claims the Q5's taillights. So, will Audi sue Zotye for copyright infringement? Not a chance. Let's not forget that Range Rover gave up the fight with the Chinese and BMW did so too for the Evoque and X5, respectively.

Some say that this is how automakers roll in China, but then again, what do you expect from a country where you can buy fake Starbucks coffee? If you could define this Q3 clone in one word, that would be shanzhai, the Chinese equivalent to copycat - low-quality goods reproduced after superior products.

Still, we admire what Zotye did to the interior of the S21, especially the Tesla Model S-inspired iPad-like infotainment system. Heck, this shanzhai even comes with a 360-degree camera system and air conditioning controlled via the infotainment system. Other than the less-than-desirable badge and inferior build quality, the Zotye's engine and transmissions are as bad as it gets. No, really! They're that bad.

For the S21, the Chinese company that also copied the Porsche Macan went for a 1.5-liter motor. It's a turbocharged unit, but it only develops 162 horsepower. Being paired to a five-speed manual as standard, don't expect this car to be soft and quiet at highway speed. The optional CVT isn't a masterpiece either.

Oh well, the least we can do about cloned products that are protected by the Chinese government is to laugh at them and make the manufacturers feel ashamed of themselves. Shame on you, Zotye!


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