Audi Launches Anti-Allergen Air Conditioning on A1, A3, Q2, Q3 and TT in June

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Do you sometimes get the feeling that the air in your car is cleaner than in the house? That's because it is. Many manufacturers have developed air filtration systems that improve your quality of life. And if you happen to have allergies, Audi's new cabin air filter system could be a lifesaver.
Before we go any further, let's make one thing clear: this is high-tech stuff for the cheaper Audi models. The systems in flagship models and indeed those offered by the Volvo XC90 and Tesla Model S are already quite good but much more expensive.

Called Audi Air Conditioning Advance, the new filter system will bring relief to allergy sufferers. The German automaker claims it not only removes fine particulates and harmful gasses from the air but also neutralizes virtually all allergens.

What models will it be available on? As we've mentioned, the system seems to be designed for the cheaper models in Audi's lineup. Namely, the A1, A3, Q3 and TT will get it in June. Meanwhile, the Q2, which is their smallest crossover ever, will be available with the air filtration system from launch, whenever that might be.

The cabin air filter will come in two different versions. The first reduces allergens through a bioactive substance called “polyphenols,” and the other uses a modified protein structure to do the same thing. Like we said, it's German rocket science that you can buy.

Both versions have three layers. The first is a carrier layer with an added filter, followed by a filtration layer made up of special microfibers while the third layer is an activated carbon layer that traps gaseous impurities. So yes, it does catch car fumes too.

Polyphenols sound like something that will give you cancer, but in reality, they are just plant-derived bioactive substances that attach themselves to the receptors of the allergens.

The only things we can't tell you are whether Audi's system can stop a bioweapon like Tesla's and if servicing these filters will be more expensive or not.
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