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Audi Is "Working Heavily" on the Q8 Flagship SUV

The German automakers seem sterile and cold, almost inhuman. But they have goals and ambitions, just like all their counterparts. Ever wondered what the Audi CEO wants more than anything else in the wold? What keeps him up all night? One of the things Rupert Stadler wants is to make the brand with four wings No.1, but it seems the Q8 flagship SUV is another.
Audi Is "Working Heavily" on the Q8 Flagship SUV 1 photo
In a recent interview, the German CEO told Bloomberg that his employees are "woking heavily" on a Q8 model. It's yet unclear if this will be a direct rival to the BMW X6 or an uber-luxury model like the Bentley, but his statements hint at the latter.

The model would appeal to customers in China, the Middle East and the US, where space is probably more important than a sloping roof and sexy lines. The official made it abundantly clear that he wants the Q8 in production sooner rather than later, but that won't happen until about 2017.

The Q8 “would strengthen the brand. I’m convinced we need the car by 2020.” Audi recently freed up a huge amount of cash. Over the next 5 years, Audi’s plans are to spend 24 billion euros ($27.8 billion) on new models and technologies while booting the lineup to include 60 different models.

It seems SUVs will get the lion's share, as the TTQ has just been confirmed today as a sort of crossover version of the TT. Also on the agenda is a Q1 base model arriving in 2016 or 17 and sharing its platform with Polo-based SUV.

Still Audi currently has only 3 SUVs and has some catching up to do. Market leader BMW has 5 SUVs with plans for more in the next few years.

Of course, the rest of the industry isn't just going to stay still and let Audi move the game forward. Porsche has just let slip that it plans to make the next Cayenne much lighter and faster, reaching speeds of 300 km/h. And in terms of luxury, Bentley is the company to watch out for. Using the same platform as the Cayenne and Q7, it will revolutionize comfort and class, with a touch of rapper/footballer attitude.


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