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Audi is Top Reliable Used Car Brand in Dekra Report

Now that the road to banning diesel cars in certain cities across Germany is open, car owners there might consider selling their vehicles. Likely, to the Eastern European market, one that proved to be a sucker for Western used cars in recent years.
Audi A6 wins Dekra used car report category for the second year 27 photos
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Owning an Audi and wanting to sell it might be a good idea this year, especially after Dekra released its Used Car Report 2018 on Thursday. The organization, a European vehicle inspection company based in Berlin, regularly releases such information to help buyers of used cars better understand what they are getting themselves into.

According to Audi, the four-ringed brand managed to top five of nine classes in the Dekra study, making it the most successful carmaker in the 2018 report. More specifically, the brand ranked first in Minis/Small Cars with the A1, Compact Class with the A3, Medium-sized Class with the A4, Sports Cars/Cabrio with the TT and Upper Medium Class/Upper Class with the A6.

The Dekra report uses faults relevant for evaluating used cars, found in roughly 15 million main inspections within two years. The report does not include faults that can be attributed to the owner, such as worn wiper blades or bald tires.

Mileage is the main criteria used in the evaluation, instead of vehicle age. Each of the nine vehicle classes is broken down into four mileage ranges, between 0 and 200,000 km (124,274 miles). To be eligible for the evaluation, at least 1,000 vehicles of each model must undergo scrutiny by Dekra inspectors. The car that wins each of the four mileage ranges is declared the winner.

“The outstanding result documents the high quality and reliability of our models,” said Peter Mertens, Audi’s manager for technical development.

"We are confident that the success of the current generation will also carry over to the next model generation,” the executive added.


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