Audi e-tron Drivers To Get 5,000+ IONITY Charging Stations Across Europe by 2025

Audi is working with its partner, IONITY, to install more EV infrastructure. The move will see more than $780 million dollars spent and more than 5,000 new charging points installed across Europe.
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More than ever before, electrification is taking over the automotive world. Part of its struggles through history has been a lack of charging stations. Even today, few manufacturers have enough brand-specific charging stations to support cross-country journeys.

Adding more than 5,000 charging points across Europe should help solve that problem for Audi e-tron drivers. Today, just 1,500 fast charging points exist. After completion of the project, Audi expects more than 7,000 to be available.

Those 7,000 points will be spread across more than 1,000 charging locations. That's key for the brand considering that they plan to have more than 20 all-electric e-tron models in their range by 2025.

Markus Duesmann, chairman of the Board of Management of Audi AG, said, "The success of e-mobility heavily depends on an extensive charging infrastructure...

More than ever before, it isn’t just the product that matters, but the entire ecosystem.

With its focus on advancing and improving the charging network offering, IONITY’s massive expansion will play a key role in making electric vehicles more attractive.

IONITY was co-founded by Audi, and the two remain partners, today. While Audi models can be charged at various stations, IONITY stations offer the most economical option.

Currently, they offer to charge at just 31 cents per kilowatt-hour. That's similar to the cost of charging at a personal residence in Germany.

Currently, most charging stations are situated near freeways. As these new stations are built, drivers can expect to see more pop up inside of busy city centers and around major roads.

Each site will feature between six and twelve charging units. Each one will be capable of 350 kWH fast charging speeds.  

We've seen how Tesla has taken a large lead over other brands here in the USA in part due to its excellent Supercharger network. It looks like Audi is positioning itself similarly across seas.

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