Audi "Drones" Commercial Combines Hitchcock and

If the thought of Amazon drones roaming your neighborhood every day scares you, Audi has the perfect cathartic car commercial that you need to see. It's called simply "The Drones" and connects past and present Hollywood movies in a very clever and funny way.
Audi "Drones" Commercial Combines Hitchcock and 1 photo
The ad is inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds and shows how an office building is surrounded by drones with a simple "search and destroy" mentality. They wait outside patiently for the people to come out and then ram into telephone boxes causing mayham just like they did in the movie.

The hero of the story is an Audi driver who escapes the carnage using a couple of voice commands and some spirited driving. This is just as well, since the Germans needed to promote their refreshed A6 sedan anyway.

The concept for the video was put together by Venables Bell & Partners for Audi USA. For now, this video only has 170,000 views, but we're confident that once word gets out, that will jump into the million. Even if you don't live in America and haven't heard about Amazon's plans to use delivery drones, it's still going to be funny.

Nobody has ever made a video where drones act like birds, which is surprising considering they stem from man's dream for winged flight. Online retailer Amazon is hoping that unmanned machines could deliver boxes more easily and cheaply than men in trucks. However, their plan is currently being thwarted by Washington as it says "the FAA is so slow, the delivery drone they've approved is already obsolete."

Looks like the Matrix scenario can be delayed by bureaucracy, but sooner or later, we're all going to have to buy Audis to escape from the quad-rotor buzzards.

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