Audi Confirms RS Plug-in Models, Should Be the RS6 and RS7

Before there even was a new A6 or A7 to speak of, one rumor dominated the discussions about this car: an e-tron variant of the RS6 and RS7. But as the development of the two performance models went on, it became clear that Audi hadn't put a plug on any of the prototypes.
Audi Confirms RS Plug-in Models, Should Be the RS6 and RS7 1 photo
On paper, the new 4th-generation RS6 isn't a monster, as its 600 horsepower output is lower than the best of BMW and Mercedes. However, seeing it at the Frankfurt Motor Show revealed just how serious the company was. This was no ordinary sports vehicle, as it had little in common with the A6.

It's also a hybrid in a similar way to a Prius. The 48-volt main electric system can capture lost energy and use it for various things, while the 4-liter V8 can shut down much sooner than normal and turn back on easily. The previous RS6 also tried to be green, featuring cylinder deactivation. However, it seems the rumors about a PHEV were also true.

Audi Sport boss Oliver Hoffman had a word with Road & Track on the sidelines of Frankfurt 2019 and among other things said the following: "We will have plug-in hybrid technology in our RS portfolio.”

That's all we really needed to hear, but the official also hinted these models were to sit above the basic RS ones and that these potent PHEVs will be the new Performance models. In case you guys don't remember, the regular RS6/7 had 560 HP while the Performance pack gave them 605.

So what kind of numbers are we talking about here? Well, the original rumors were based on Audi sharing platforms and engine development costs with Porsche. The Stuttgart house of speed makes something called the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which combines a V8 with an electric motor mounted inside the gearbox casing to give you 680 HP. The funny thing is Audi might give you about 690-700 HP, since their e-motor is a bit more powerful.


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