Audi A8 "Escape" Commercial Is a Thai Martial Arts Movie

Audi A8 "Escape" Commercial Is a Thai Martial Arts Movie 3 photos
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Audi A8 "Escape" Commercial Is a Thai Martial Arts MovieAudi A8 "Escape" Commercial Is a Thai Martial Arts Movie
Nowadays, you can't show fast or exciting driving scenes in car commercials, so automakers have to look elsewhere to get people excited. The latest Audi ad tries to highlight the advanced technology inside the A8 by putting it in the middle of a martial arts movie.
It starts on the rooftop of what we presume to be a slum in Thailand. Our three heroes are tied to a big bamboo stick as the bad guy is ready to push them off the roof.

But they make a run for it, kicking and punching their enemies in frankly quite painful ways. We think spirited driving is far less dangerous than pushing somebody though a brick wall or throwing them off the roof, but what do we know?

In any case, the main protagonist finds himself chased by a big Oddjob-looking fellow, minus the hat and suit, of course. The full Audi limousine range (A6, A7, and A8) is conveniently placed there, painted black and fitted with yellow UK plates. The hero hides in the long wheelbase limo and is immediately immersed in the luxury.4

His seat reclines as Easy by The Commodores starts playing in the background. We see him make use of the 3D sound system and helping himself to a glass of chilled champagne. Oh, the good life!

As al this is happening, the fight still rages on, and one of the goons pushes the woman's face into the A8L's window, smearing her saliva all over. Surely, this much graphic violence wasn't necessary, but you can't make a martial arts movie without breaking a few bones.

The commercial was created by Marc Rayson and Callum Prior and directed by Matthijs van Heijningen through MJZ. As for the A8 itself, it was launched last year, and according to the latest reviews, it sets new benchmarks in the luxury German sedan segment.

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