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Audi A6 allroad Sounds Like RS6 Thanks to Active Sound System

The A6 allroad with the 3.0 BiTDI was the car that made up take notice of Audi's active sound systems. And today, we're back to take a look at how a German company can give you RS6 sounds without needing an engine swap.
Audi A6 allroad Sounds Like RS6 Without Engine Swap 4 photos
Audi A6 allroad Sounds Like RS6 Without Engine SwapAudi A6 allroad Sounds Like RS6 Without Engine SwapAudi A6 allroad Sounds Like RS6 Without Engine Swap
Now, we have seen some crazy tuned versions of the 3.0 TDI. However, this one won't make your dashboard light up like a Christmas tree or give you get you in trouble with the authorities.

What's interesting is how much the sound changed. Normally an active exhaust for TDI engines makes a loud thumping noise to cover the tractor sounds. You can check that out in several SQ8 videos. However, this one has been set to deliver RS6 sounds.

The RS6's iconic 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 has thus been reduced to speaker sound. And from what we understand (using our rusty German), the system has different modes, one of which seems to copy a V6 or 2.5-liter. So really, the TDI can sound like anything you want.

But in all cases, there seems to be a bit of lag that might give the active sound system away to anybody who knows of the technology. It's probably something to do with differences between how a diesel engine and a V8 rev.

Unless we're mistaken, the C7 A6 allroad quattro was only available with 3.0 TDI engines from its debut in 2016 until now. The 190, 218 and 272 HP models all had an S tronic twin-clutch gearbox while the BiTDI with 320 HP shared its 8-speed with the A6 TDI competition. That's the engine we have here, which means 0 to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds.

And while Audi has just shown a brand new generation of the A6 sedan and Avant, the allroad version is still pending. It should come with the latest mild-hybrid engines and no visible exhaust tips, which makes aftermarket alternatives even more important.

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