Audi A5 DTM Selection Special Edition Launched with 3-liter TDI Engine

It’s hard to comprehend what is going on in the VAG Group at the moment. After the Dieselgate scandal, they claimed the necessary steps will be taken to make sure that everything is set right. Well, facts speak louder than words and no matter how many hybrids the Germans release in the future, right now they seem to be more focused on diesels.
Audi A5 DTM Edition 13 photos
Audi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM EditionAudi A5 DTM Edition
We’re saying this because of their odd choice of the engine when it came to their unique Audi A5 DTM Selection Special model that was unveiled today. The car that is supposed to be a sort of fare-well to the aging A5 range is fitted with a 3-liter TDI engine, despite being apparently inspired by the DTM, the famous German Touring Car competition.

Of course, no explanation for this odd choice was offered and it left us baffled, especially since their real competition cars involved in the championship are, of course, based on the RS5 model and use petrol, as they should.

This car is using a rather standard version of the engine too, rated at no more than 245 HP and 580 Nm (428 lb-ft) of torque, numbers that don’t impress anybody these days.

Other changes include a set of 20” wheels, bucket seats and a couple of add-ons on the exterior that want to make it feel special. We’re talking about various logos on the body of the car as well as some carefully picked out black details here and there.

The car will be available only in Misano Red and the doors have projectors embedded in them, projecting the DTM logo on the ground when they are open. Red stitching goes all around, from the seats to the multifunction steering wheel.

Only 50 units of the ‘special’ car will be built and the price is a bit steep at €74,540 in Germany. Considering that the RS5 used to start at €77,000, that’s an absurd amount of money for a TDI model with some stickers on it.

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