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Audi A4 Beats BMW 320d in Korean Girl Pick Up Test

Thanks to the Gungnam Style, Hyuna and popular soap operas, South Korea has become a major player in the world. This also applies to the automotive market and… you thought we were going to tell you something about Hyundai, didn't you?!
Audi A4 2.0 TDI vs BMW 320d xDrive 1 photo
No, we're much too shallow for that! We're going to talk about German luxury cars and picking up girls. Because, let's admit it, it's no fun buying a luxury car if the opposite sex is not impressed.

Korean website insiteTV1 has pitted two very white and very expensive German cars against each other, an Audi A4 TDI and BMW 32-d with xDrive. After saying the BMW has better feel and is more fun, they take both town into town and discover the classy Audi is better for getting phone numbers… no idea why. It seems some of the girls think the Audi looks more expensive, even though it's really not.

Does BMW know about this? Because a 3 Series that won't attract the ladies is seriously worthless.

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