ATV Sledding Is a Ton of Fun, but Not When Your Feet Get Tangled in the Tow Line

Tying a sled or something that can serve as one to an ATV and hitting the gas is certainly one of the coolest ways to have fun with a quad. We've seen people doing this in all seasons and on all types of terrain, from the "traditional" summer grass to snow, across sand dunes, and even in the mud.
ATV Sledding fail in progress 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Needless to say, watersports enthusiasts also use ATVs to simulate wakeboarding on canals. Particularly, these chaps using a snowmobile for wakeboarding in winter time come to mind, as the very sight of such type of fun is giving us the chills.

Back to ATVs, things look fun, but at times they can go wrong in seconds. We've seen countless videos of people flying from their makeshift sleds, sometimes into static obstacles, such as fences, trees, poles, and whatnot.

When the ATVs were ridden at higher speeds, these poor chaps flew in an uncontrolled manner into whatever direction the laws of physics decided. And it doesn't take a stunt specialist to figure out that broken hands and ribs are not exactly uncommon when it comes to ATV sledding.

Crazy fun can be a tad safer

However, certain precautions can be taken to make such type of fun a bit safer. For starters, people could choose open spaces with no obstacles, or at least stay as far as possible from them. Tumbling at 35 km (21 mph) on the ground and hitting a rock is no longer funny, is it?

As a guy who rode an iron sled towed by an old Honda VF400 on rocky soil, I can tell you that wearing a motorcycle helmet is a VERY good idea. And if you have a motocross one, these are even better.

I also swapped my sneakers for a pair of solid boots above the ankle and it was the least I could do. I knew that my shorts and sweater would offer little protection if things went wrong, but that was a risk I was willing to take. But I also knew that the head and feet were things I really needed...

All in all, even though ATV sledding can be dangerous, people will still do it. This piece was about my two cents on not being entirely mindless while at it. Wish I knew about the Schmitz Mittz back then.

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