ATV Race Ends in a Funny Way

ATV Race Ends in a Funny Way 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
If anything, ATVs are probably THE vehicles to get hurt while riding, and that may be cause of the somewhat false pretense of safety their 4-wheel architecture conveys. It is unquestionable that an ATV is much more stable than a motorcycle while stopped or when traveling at low speed, but its fairly high center of gravity makes it quite susceptible to flipping.
Add in an insufficiently-experienced rider, an off-road racing environment and the recipe for pain is almost complete. I’ve watched this video several times, but still it’s hard to say whether the “hero” was wearing a helmet when he crashed.

As he rolls through the dirt for the first time, the helmet appears to come off from his left hand grasp, rather than from his head, but that may be wrong. We can see other competitors wearing helmets, and it’s safe to assume that the organizers of the contest would not allow an unhelmeted entry, even though I’ve seen my fair share of recklessness when it comes to bike meetings, with contests and booze mixed together.

Even though nobody seems to have been injured in this crash, I have to just say how lucky one of the riders was, as a tumbling AYTV missed him by inches. Should the ATV have hit him full-on, we’d probably be looking at a much nastier outcome. As for the hooded rider, he’s obviously close to being knocked-out completely, as he can barely stand, let alone run or ride an ATV. Still, even such less violent crashes can sometimes produce serious concussions which affect the brain and can lead to bigger problems, so for his own safety, I can only hope the guy was seen by a doctor after this stunt.

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