Attempted Carjacking Stops When the Victim Gets Inspired, There's Video of It

In some countries in the world, carjackings are a common occurrence. Sadly, this is far from over, and it means that residents of those countries should be prepared for extreme situations. An unnamed driver of a pickup truck has published a dashcam video of such an encounter, and it became viral.
Attempted carjacking in Chile 7 photos
Photo: Screenshot from Reddit video posted by u/repetido58
Attempted carjacking in ChileAttempted carjacking in ChileAttempted carjacking in ChileAttempted carjacking in ChileAttempted carjacking in ChileAttempted carjacking in Chile
It all happened in Chile, on the access ramp of a highway. A Citroën C5 Aircross stopped for no apparent reason on the ramp, right before the turn that led to the entry lane for that highway.

As you will observe in the video below, the driver of the pickup truck was being cautious and left plenty of space between his vehicle and the French crossover.

When the doors of the Citroën were opened, three people jumped out and started running towards the truck in question. At least one of those people was holding what appeared to be a gun, and he even pointed it at the driver of the truck. At this point, the person who recorded the video figured out what was going on and decided against reversing, which was their first instinct.

Having a truck at hand with a bit of space to pick up speed, the driver who made the video accelerated away, straight towards the crossover that was blocking the road.

It did not take long for the attempted carjackers to figure out it was time to get out of the way, as this was not going the way they expected it to.

Instead, the pickup truck plowed through the crossover and went on to push it from its path. There was a bit of luck involved here, as the French crossover was still pointed forward, which made it easier to push, despite it having its brakes on, as you can observe.

The driver of the truck managed to get away from the attempted ambush, and the video he made was supplied to police to help identify the assailants.

Once the story became viral, the real owner of the Citroën C5 Aircross recognized her car in the video. The vehicle in question had been stolen days prior to this event, notes.

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