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Aston Martin Will Open a Secret Facility to Build the Vulcan Hypercar

Aston Martin’s Vulcan was the viewer’s delight a coupe of weeks ago in Geneva but there’s more about the track-exclusive hypercar than just a fancy appearance. In fact, Aston Martin are setting up a secret factory where they will assemble the Vulcan.
Aston Martin Vulcan in Geneva 1 photo
It does sound mysterious, almost like a bunch of mad scientists are working on a super-important project that will save mankind but according to Autocar, Aston Martin will use a carefully selected group of engineers that will start working on Gaydon’s latest pride and joy.

Besides being named by the aircraft once sheltered at the RAF base where Aston Martin built its headquarters, the Vulcan hypercar will be powered by 7.0-liter V12 capable of delivering tornado-like performances thanks to a power output of 800+ HP.

But that’s not all. The Vulcan is entirely built from carbon fibre and other sci-fi lightweight materials so it’s pretty clear why Aston Martin only wants the best of the best on the job. As matter of fact, we’re starting to think that even James Bond’s gadgets provider Q is involved in this project.

Before going into production later this year, the Vulcan hypercar will first take a bow at a show during the Le Mans 24 Hours race in June. There should be an exciting sight, as the prototype’s titanium exhaust system received two exits on each side of the car, a clear premise for flames during downshifts and thundering sounds.

Given the fact that the Vulcan will have to fight in a select club along the McLaren P1 GTR and the LaFerrari FXX K, owners are going to receive track days to sharpen their reflexes - which will probable be included in the car’s rumored $2 million price tag.


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