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Aston Martin Will Announce a New CEO on May 4: Amedeo Felisa, Former Ferrari CEO

In January, Autocar said that Tobias Moers would leave Aston Martin. The former Mercedes-AMG executive had a controversial managerial style. At the time, Lawrence Stroll denied changes. On May 4, the reports may be confirmed at the Q1 2022 earnings call with a new name already defined to replace Moers: Amedeo Felisa.
Amedeo Felisa may become Aston Martin's new CEO to replace Tobias Moers 13 photos
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Yes, you have heard about this man multiple times before. He is a former Ferrari CEO, having led the Italian company from 2008 until 2016. Felisa was already involved with Aston Martin as a non-executive director.

The information was confirmed both by Autocar and the FT (Financial Times). Questioned about that by both outlets, Aston Martin did not deny the information, as Stroll did back in January. On the contrary: the company only mentioned that it would “provide a full market update” at the Q1 2022 earnings call.

Losing talent when you want to become a successful competitor in the exclusive super and hyper sports car business is not something you can afford to do. As brilliant as Moers may have been in the technical side of Aston Martin, losing “dozens of senior employees” – as FT put it – has undoubtedly shortened Moer’s tenure at the British company.

That said, Felisa may be the right man at the right time. Having run Ferrari for so many years, he knows a thing or two about that market segment. It seems that Stroll wants him to guide the company toward a more premium clientele, with higher prices and more exclusive cars.

It took a while to wave Moers goodbye because the executive had to agree to leave Aston Martin. That probably has to do with the contract he had with the British automaker and possible fines Aston Martin would have to pay him in case it just fired the CEO.

If the information is confirmed, expect the company to express how important Moers was to Aston Martin, Moers saying how grateful he is for having worked with everybody, and Felisa thanking the opportunity to continue Moers’ work. That’s standard even when the backstage tells a different story – as it does in this case.

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