Aston Martin Vulcan Clamped Outside Harrods Is Grand Tour Marketing

The Aston Martin Vulcan is not a road car, so even if some Arab billionaire is rich enough to fly one to London, he can't actually drive it.
Aston Martin Vulcan Clamped Outside Harrods Is Grand Tour Marketing 3 photos
Photo: @mfathers on Twitter
Aston Martin Vulcan Clamped Outside Harrods Is Grand Tour MarketingAston Martin Vulcan Clamped Outside Harrods Is Grand Tour Marketing
That should have been your first clue that this Aston Martin Vulcan has not been clamped for illegal parking. The second being that you would need a crane to get it there, seeing as it's lower than a riced Civic, followed by the lack of license plates.

Of course, the biggest giveaway of them all is the GT logo on that wheel clamp, clearly referring to the Amazon Prime original series started by the trio after they left Top Gear.

Of course, that's not the car they reviewed, and I can prove that with a teaser they released back in November. It's from one of their first episodes and proves Jeremy Clarkson is too big for some cars. See, it's red, not black.

“Not going to say it’s like being attacked by a bear, it isn’t, but it is like being in a room with a bear that is thinking of attacking you," is what Jezza says about the track-only nemesis of the McLaren P1 GTR.

So what's so special about this car that the mere sight of it clamped gets the internet talking? Well, pretty much everything, starting with the price tag of £1.8million. That's what Aston asked for it, but good luck getting one these days. After that, there's the 7.0-liter V12 engine, the 0 to 60 time of under 3 seconds and the top speed of 224 mph (360 km/h), and that's with a huge wing stuck on the back.

Like the Gumpert, it's got a sort of drive mode selector that lowers the amount of power available. So it's like being with a slightly hungry bear in the room, or one that hasn't eaten since 2015. Your choice!

Unlike Porsche or Ferrari, Aston Martin doesn't have a motorsport car with a hybrid engine it can borrow. So everything here is done the old-fashioned, manly way. Sadly, with both Grand Tour and Top Gear having filmed the car, you probably won't see any more shenanigans being filmed.

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