Aston Martin Valkyrie to Get Real Moon Dust in Its Paint

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While you might be struggling for ways to pay your mortgage and still have something left for, you know, fun stuff, other people are having much bigger problems: they can't come up with an idea on how to make their ridiculously expensive hypercar even more ridiculous.
Well, they do say every person feels like the difficulties they encounter are the most difficult in the world, so in some ways, the two situations are indeed comparable. We don't know how your raise is coming along, but we're happy to inform you that said person has come up with a solution for the Aston Martin Valkyrie he has on order.

And, to be fair, it's a pretty cool one. Based on an intricate analogy between the looks of the British hypercar and spaceships, and the fact he thinks it looks as though it could run rings on the surface of the Moon, the man decided to include our planet's natural satellite into his plan, somehow.

And since not even the kind of people who have $2.6 million (base price) to spend on a car (albeit a hypercar) can take their wheels to the Moon at their leisure, he went for the second-best thing. He bought a piece of rock brought back from the Moon, had it certified, and will now ground it to fine dust and include it in the red paint that's going to cover the Valkyrie.

It probably won't look anything special since Moon rock dust is just like our regular dust, only pricier and with a much cooler story. But at least it does give him something to talk about when he meets the other Valkyrie-owning peasants who had they cars painted using only earthly stuff.

All joking aside, this is sure to boost the value of a car that's going to sell for a lot more than its acquisition price anyway, considering how exclusive Aston Martin's only hypercar is going to be and how unbelievably sexy it looks. Not that anyone's thinking about selling a car they haven't even driven yet.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! My visit to Aston Martin was very inspiring. A few weeks ago @milesnurnberger had commented to me that a spec we were discussing reminded him of a Space Ship. I immediately responded, “The Valkyrie makes a Space Ship look like a Car!” M That got me thinking... How do I raise the bar of my spec to be worthy of Valkyrie level?  If ever there was a machine that could grip the ground and rip around the craters of the Moon like it’s on rails, it would be the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Unfortunately, science won’t allow me to be the first person to drive on the Moon (gravity is still an issue, they say), but nothing is stopping me from bringing the Moon to my Valkyrie!!  I have sourced, gotten proper verification, and purchased an actual Rock from the Moon which will be ground to dust and used as a key ingredient in Karosserie Lunar Red which will be the color of my Aston Martin Valkyrie. This will be the first car ever to feature a paint formula that includes actual ingredients from #SPACE !!! Thank You to everyone at @astonmartinlagonda, @redbullracing and Karosserie in Wayne, PA. More renderings will be released in the coming weeks and months. We will also document and share some of the process of making actual Moon Rock part of this very special color being developed exclusively for the most special car of my lifetime: The Aston Martin Valkyrie. O}O Thanks to @marcovanoverbeeke for helping refine my spec and providing me with renderings and thanks to @capitolsunset for setting the mood of the image on the Moon. More to come!! #ToTheMoonAndBack # OO ______________________________________________________ #AstonMartin #Valkyrie #AstonMartinValkyrie #Moon #MoonRock #KarosserieLunarRed #KrisSingh #Red #BloodRedMoon #ToTheMoonAndBack #ComingSoon #2019 #RaiseTheBar #NASA #RedBull #RedBullRacing #AdrianNewey #MarekReichman #MilesNurnberger #AndyPalmer #AstonMartinRules #GameChanger #LunarRed #F1 #Redhead #RedWillNeverBeTheSame #TheRedOfAllReds #BLESSED ______________________________________________________ PS - No information or details regarding my source, purchase price, weight of the Moon Rock, or other, will be shared.

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