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Aston Martin Semi Truck Is as Sleek as an Overgrown Valkyrie

This being the age of trickery we live in, it’s no wonder all kinds of vehicles pop up on the internet. And we’re not talking about real vehicles, but about renderings that at times are so good they could easily deceive those less familiar with what’s what in the auto world.
Aston Martin Semi Truck 1 photo
For a number of months we’ve extensively covered this make-a-car-design-at-home movement, and there are countless examples of reimagined cars so great we wouldn’t mind seeing become a reality.

The semi truck shown as the main photo of this article is a different story entirely. Firstly, it is so far fetched that we know for a fact it will never come to pass: this is an Aston Martin – or at least the tractor head is – pulling behind it a trailer just as sleek as the lines of the Valkyrie.

Secondly, we’re not sure if we would like to see this thing on the road. Sure, it doesn’t look bad, and would put the Tesla Semi or any Nikola to shame thanks to its design (the lower part front end is ripped from a DB11), but really, Aston is not about semis.

The British marque is forever linked with James Bond, it’s a badass meant for packing weapons, not enough space in the back to carry around watermelons.

Yet, here it is in semi guise, because this is the age of trickery. The rendering is the work of a fleet service provider called Fleet Logging, responsible for two other supercar-based semis we already talked about, the Lamborghini Urus and the Ferrari Portofino.

“Aston Martin is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful supercars and grand touring machines. Granted the Aston Martin name is more about luxury, exclusivity, and grand touring comfort than extreme track performance, the British carmaker’s newest Valkyrie and Valhalla hypercars are destined to change all that,” the people behind the rendering say.


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