Aston Martin One-77: 60 Out of 77 Units Already Sold

Here’s one piece of information that doesn’t surprise us at all: 60 units of the total production of 77 units, belonging to a $1.87 million (the taxes are not included) hypercar have already been sold. We are talking about Aston Martin’s top player, the One-77, which has proven to be a big hit with the rich boys, as Inside Line reports.

We’ll remind you that the One-77 has debuted a tour of Asia yesterday, with the vehicle scheduled to set to please the inhabitants of Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and China. This should be a pretty interesting adventure as simple maths tells us that the potential customers from the aforementioned countries only get 17 units of the four-wheeled masterpiece.

The One-77 really likes to play big. Here’s one example that demonstrates this: how many cars that have an optional extras list which includes another car do you know? Yes, customers who acquire one of this stylish monsters can also choose a $30,000 Aston Martin Cygnet topping. And, according to the aforementioned source, the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet is a pretty popular option.

It seems like many owners have also chosen to acquire a Cygnet, with the city transportation solution coming in matching colors.

Let’s take a moment to remember what all the fuss is about. The One-77 uses the world’s most powerful road car naturally aspirated engine, a 750 hp 7.3 liter V12. As for the the vehicle’s body, this is a cocktail that mixes hand-made aluminum panels with carbon fiber parts.


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