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UPDATE: Aston Martin Headquarters Has a Resident Cat, CEO Confirms

We're all aware of the Internet's cat affection, but do you where else we can find the love for cats? Inside Aston Martin's headquarters in Gaydon. To be more precise, the Aston mother ship is the home of a black cat, with the information having been officially confirmed.
Aston Martin's resident cat 4 photos
Aston Martin's resident catAston Martin's resident catAston Martin's resident cat
While checking out YouTuber Shmee's Vantage GT8 factory collection video yesterday, we noticed the feline in the background. Since we're massive cat aficionados ourselves, we decided to look into the matter, so we reached out to Dr. Andy Palmer to request further details.

With Aston Martin's CEO being one of the most charismatic and social media-friendly helm men in the business, it didn't take long before we received our answer. As you can see in the head honcho's tweet below, Aston Martin has a resident cat!

Of course, such a feline presence raises giggle-generating questions. For one thing, as we mentioned in the GT8 story, a black cat makes for a lucky charm in our book, but does the creature we have here bless every car that rolls out the factory gates?

Oh, and here's another one - is Aston Martin trolling Jaguar here? If so, the Coventry automaker might have a pretty hard time responding to the pun - how do you even reply to such a move?

Humor attempts aside, we're glad the British site is a cat-friendly one. After all, Aston Martins have always been known for their sharp reflexes and felines can provide inspiration in the field in an effortless manner. You know, like a GT.

Given the kind of popularity certain cats enjoy on Instagram, for example, a place where it's no longer strange for a furry friend to have its own profile, we can't help but notice how Aston Martin's cat seems to enjoy its life away from the public eye.

UPDATE:Gaydon's black feline seems to have an active role in the company, as this tweet, which comes from the CEO, demonstrates:


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