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Aston Martin Designer Promises Lagonda "Coachbuilt Surprise"

It's looking very likely that Aston Martin is indeed going to revived the Lagonda brand soon and use it for its own line of coachbuilt vehicles.
Aston Martin Lagonda rendering 1 photo
Speaking to Piston Heads, Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman hinted at this decision by saying: "There might be some surprises in the marque’s re-establishment into the market place, but as a very unique coachbuilt experience."

Previous reports have suggested the new car to wear the legendary Lagonda name was going to be a stretched version of the Rapide S luxury saloon. Some believed it was going to debut at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, but that clearly hasn't happened. Instead, the British marque introduced its very own concept car for the famous Gran Turismo racing game and, more recently, launched the V12 Vantage S Roadster and the Q program in America.

As most of you probably remember, the Lagonda name was re-introduced in 2009 with a large crossover/SUV concept showcased by Aston. It was based on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and for many years caused speculation about a fully-fledged partnership between the two companies. However, the design director believes SUVs are not the way forwards.

And maybe it's for the best that the Aston SUV is being forgotten. The world has enough of them already, but what we don't have enough of are cars like the One-77, the V12 Zagato and the CC100 Speedster.

"It’s more. It’s the reinvention of the marque, the brand, but done in a very, very limited way. It’s not something we believe that is a mass product.” says the Aston design boss.

Aston has a tradition of temporarily increasing its model range with limited production cars that become collectors' items after a few years. In 2009, they announced the amazing One-77, powered by a 760 hp 7.3-liter V12 and costing £1,150,000. Only 77 were made and they currently cost even twice that because of their rarity and beauty. After that, Aston launched the V12 Zagato in 2012 to commemorate 50 years of collaboration with the Italian coachbuilders. 150 of those were produced and sold for upwards of £330,000.


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