Aston Martin DBS Rear-Ended While Parked in London

This happens a lot - you leave your pride and joy parked outside and go to sleep thinking... hoping that it won’t be brutalized while you slumber. Unfortunately, the only real place for a long, wide and low car like this is in a garage, just like the only place for a horse is the countryside. It’s sad really, that the freedom is lost in the city.
Aston Martin DBS 1 photo
Supercar spotter Shmee150 posted this picture on Facebook of a beautiful black Aston Martin DBS having been rear-ended during the night. Now, we know that he’s actually an Aston owner, so must have pained him to see this.

The Aston Martin DBS was spotted at Cadogan Place, Belgravia, London. This is a really posh area, but obviously it’s not friendly to the DBS.


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