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Asthon Kutcher Jumpstarts a Stranded Lexus

Who says Hollywood celebrities can’t be good Samaritans? Well, they can and they are. It’s the case of Ashton Kutcher anyway, who decided to pull over and help a group of strangers that had their car’s battery dead during their hiking excursion. The thing is, Kutcher had a little problem in locating the battery.
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis 1 photo
You trolls out there that enjoy making fun of good and decent people having famous lives, now is the moment to watch and learn. Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity that cares for normal people in need. Yes, he does. Last saturday is a prime example of that.

According to TMZ, Ashton was driving down the street when he spotted the group. He pulled over, asked if they needed help and came back later, as he had a passenger in the car he needed to drop off. The people said they thought it was actually Kutcher’s pregnant fiance, Mila Kunis.

Some time later, he actually did return and helped the poor people and got down to work. They filmed the famous actor while he was looking under the hood of a Lexus.

However, it seems he may have never used his car to jumpstart another vehicle. Funny was, he didn’t manage to find the battery at first and that is because it was located in the back. Well, who really cares? Good job, Ashton!


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