Aspark Owl Electric Supercar Aims For Sub-Two Seconds 0-62 MPH Time

Aspark Owl electric hypercar 10 photos
Photo: Aspark
Aspark OwlAspark OwlAspark OwlAspark OwlAspark OwlAspark OwlAspark OwlAspark OwlAspark Owl
There's no question anymore that if it's blistering quick 0-62 mph times you're after, then the best way to achieve it is by using electric propulsion. Cars like the Tesla Model S P100D and the Rimac Concept_One have proven that reaching that target in under three seconds is a piece of cake.
Going under two seconds, though, that's a bit of a challenge. For a vehicle like the Model S - which can carry children, and quite a lot of them - that wouldn't make too much sense, unless you were preparing them to become astronauts. The g forces such accelerations would pull would make having lunch in the previous hour or so a terrible idea.

For an electric supercar, however, it could turn it into an acceleration monster that smokes anything on the drag strip on the shorter distances. A Japanese company we never heard of with a name that's only one "s" away from sounding very funny, Aspark, is getting ready to build one such machine.

Actually, it's pretty far ahead in the process, with the Owl - that's the model's name - coming to next week's Frankfurt Motor Show. If the Aspark name is questionable, the Owl is actually an excellent choice - the night bird is notorious for its completely noiseless flight, getting the jump on mice and other small mammals it preys upon. Which is what the Aspark Owl will do to supercars once it gets out, night or day.

Technical information at this point is non-existent, but the team did release a clip showing a bare bones car making a quick run. Considering the length of the "track" they had at their disposal, they needed to make the Owl accelerate quickly if it were to reach any kind of high speeds. But there still seems to be plenty of tire squealing, which means they need to work on the traction management system.

Even so, the Aspark Owl appears to be pretty quick. The rendered images also show the carbon fiber body it will eventually wear, and it's got a squat, sexy profile with that matte black paint completing the stealth bomber look. Hopefully, we'll know more come 12 September.

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