Ashton Kutcher Drives Fisker Karma in Two and a Half Men

The Fisker Karma is a new product, and it very much needs publicity, so the company that makes it has taken a page straight out of the “How to sell the Tesla Roadster” book: plenty of celebrities to make it look cool.
Fisker Karma 1 photo
First there was Leonardo DiCaprio, who reportedly is the first to have taken delivery of the Karma, and now it’s also made a big-time TV debut with an appearance on Two and a Half Men, where Ashton Kutcher’s character drive it.

It’s very interesting to see how the world turns, as Charlie Sheen had a manly Mercedes CL. Now that’s what we call green progress. In addition, the new character will also get an image of a hip, cool guy in tune with the latest trends.

This is a win-win, so the fact that Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher stated there is no money exchange that has taken place between the parties involved makes sense.


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