Ascendance Superyacht Reveals What It Takes to Be Next Design to Hit Seas

What does it take to be the next viable superyacht to hit international waters? Well, depending on the size of your pocket, lifestyle tastes, and how much you care about the planet, the next ship could be something like the Ascendance.
Ascendance Superyacht 6 photos
Ascendance SuperyachtAscendance SuperyachtAscendance SuperyachtAscendance SuperyachtAscendance Superyacht
Folks, Ascendance is a superyacht design by none other than Andy Waugh, a designer from the U.K. with a core philosophy that can be expressed as “sophisticated simplicity.” Since 2004, Waugh has worked with several design consultancies and has completed eight projects to date, and has another two builds underway as we speak. It’s possible you’ve seen his work before as we’ve recently featured the Acionna, a massive 574-foot (175-meter) sword of the seas that made port towns look like LEGO cities.

The Ascendance on the other hand isn’t as large as the Acionna, but it still aims to offer the yachting industry something a bit different from what you’ll find on the market, mainly a 25% lighter design than conventional ships currently being developed.

Completed with the help of Nobiskrug Superyachts, the Ascendance will ultimately be completed using a steel and carbon fiber construction. Steel has always proven its applications in countless superyacht designs and when coupled with lightweight materials like carbon fiber, the results can be amazing.

Ascendance Superyacht
This blend of materials not only gives way to a lighter ship, but in doing so, should also yield a faster and more efficient vessel. So far, these two aspects have not been taken into the consideration as, for the time being, this vessel’s drivetrain has not been chosen; maybe it’ll be hydrogen-powered like Acionna.

Now, the exterior design of the Ascendance is one meant to offer owners and guests a feeling of a solid, intimate, and clean-cut ship. A long and low hull brings to light the superstructure above and makes the ship seem as though it’s rising out of the seas. The aft beach deck blends the rear of the ship into local waters and helps sustain this effect.

Further exterior elements include large spaces meant for as much fun in the sun as you want. One deck seems to include aft lounges and a jacuzzi at the front, while another includes bars and alfresco dining. Another deck includes more lounge beds, while another offers awnings and baldachins for shaded activities.

Combing through the designer’s website, it’s also revealed that there is a fire pit on the uppermost deck, while on the main deck, at the bow, a helipad with hangar can also be spotted. If the helipad isn’t occupied by a chopper, this deck can be easily converted and used as a dance floor or any other activities that may require a large outdoor space.

Ascendance Superyacht
Another aspect the designer does not reveal is the interior layout or possible features. Ultimately this is something that eventual owners will have the final say in, so it makes sense to skip this stage in design. But it is revealed that there are eight VIP cabins, one owner’s suite, and everything is wrapped in 180-degree views of the world around; made possible by the floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The glass is also angled in such a way as to offer a larger space inside and a clearer view of the world due to a reduction in glare or reflections.

However, even though there is little mention of interior spaces, this ship still offers plenty of room to include a theater room, spa center, gym, tender and toy garage, and even a supercar garage. Honestly, it all depends on the amount of cash you have for making your dreams a reality.

So, how much should you expect to dish out for the next possible superyacht? Well, being a concept it’s rather difficult to say, but a good rule of thumb is to have at least $100 million if you’re looking to float around the world.


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