Artist Makes 6x6 smart fortwo Pickup Truck Because... Well, We Challenged Him To

smart fortwo 6x6 truck rendering 23 photos
Photo: SRK Designs/YouTube screenshot
Last week, a digital artist who's doing the rounds on the Internet under the name SRK Designs published a video showing the process behind turning a Dacia Lodgy Stepway MPV into a mean-looking 6x6 pickup truck.
We found the discrepancy between the original vehicle and the conversion result quite intriguing, so we started thinking what other models would make for an even more surprising starting point. A little more than a second later, we found the answer: the ultimate two-seat city car, the smart fortwo.

Originally a joint project between Daimler and Swiss watch-maker Swatch, the smart fortwo is one of those cars that may not have launched a trend, but sure helped popularize it with the western markets. Its high price meant it would never be a commercial success, but everyone who's ever driven one will only have good things to say about it (apart from the awful automatic transmission).

SRK Designs probably keeps tabs on the media coverage of his work, which means they didn't miss our Dacia Lodgy article from last Thursday. He could have read it, ignore the challenge, and everyone would have moved on with their lives, no questions asked. However, the man behind SRK Designs chose to take us on our dare, which is why you are now looking at a smart fortwo 6x6 mini truck.

If there's one thing the fortwo needs, it's more trunk space (well, someone could argue it could do with two more seats, but that's what the forfour is there for). That being said, even though an open bed would provide the largest possible volume, you still can't argue the 6x6 conversion - or even the addition of a bed alone - is a good idea and keep a straight face.

That's because the smart fortwo is one of the best-optimized cars you'll ever find. They somehow managed to make it 100 percent friendly for oversized people (there are much larger cars that feel more cramped) while keeping the exterior dimensions in check, and while you won't find room for your holiday suitcase, you will manage to squeeze in some groceries and a laptop bag if you're inventive with your usage of space.

The 6x6 smart project is definitely about having a laugh, so there's no point in taking this seriously. However, if it did come to market, since the new smart models only come in EQ flavor now, it would become the first all-electric pickup truck. Just saying.

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