Artist Imagines Ford Mustang GT350 Wagon and It's Just Perfect

Artist Imagines Ford Mustang GT350 Wagon and It's Just Perfect 3 photos
Photo: TheSketchMonkey/YouTube screenshot
Artist Imagines Ford Mustang GT350 Wagon and It's Just PerfectArtist Imagines Ford Mustang GT350 Wagon and It's Just Perfect
Come for the rendering, stay for the cat content? YouTube artist TheSketchMonkey is once again doing an ode to American wagons while sharing even more footage of his feline friends. If you think that's an unusual mix, wait until you check out the car, a Ford Mustang GT350 grocery getter.
In any case, auto journalists love wagons and shooting brakes, plus a decent chunk of our office has or had a cat. And we can think of no better muscle car to be turned into a "track-shredding wagon" than the Mustang GT350... because we're looking at a picture of one and lack imagination.

At the beginning of the video, the artist tries to set a precedent by mentioning the original Ford Mustang had been turned into a shooting brake by Italian coachbuilders, yet is missing to this day. The body style doesn't really look out of place - a long hood, naturally giving way to an even longer roof.

In the modern era, shooting brakes are rare, especially the two-door variety. They don't appeal to the wider audience and don't add that much practicality. Wagon-like shooting brakes with four doors are a slightly different story. We're seeing a small revival of this segment thanks to the efforts of Korean automakers (Kia Proceed GT, Genesis G70), as well as Porsche and their crazy-cool Panamera Sport Turismo.

But we don't think Detroit will ever offer a wagon/shooting brake version of the Mustang or any other muscle car for that matter, even though renderings like this pop up very often. Turning the GT350 into a more practical car involves extending the roof further back and creating a new window and a short deck at the back. It doesn't look like any car you've ever seen, partly because the Mustang has such distinctive features at the back.

Do you guys think Ford should make a Mustang Wagon or would it be too "European"? Also, how much extra would you be willing to spend compared to the regular coupe, and could you live with the fact that it's heavier?

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