Artist Creates Dumbfounding L’Invisible Rock Boat: Perfectly Blends Into World

L’Invisible Rock Boat 9 photos
Photo: Julien Berthier
L’Invisible Rock BoatL’Invisible Rock BoatL’Invisible Rock BoatL’Invisible Rock BoatL’Invisible Rock BoatL’Invisible Rock BoatLove Love BoatLove Love Boat
Let’s be honest, yachts and other watercraft seem to send the ultimate statement to those around you. So, what sort of message does Julien Berthier want to send to the world with the L’Invisible boat? So far, no one has any idea. But it exists, so here we go.
If you’ve happened to click on that main photo simply because you saw a rock floating through a website where you normally see luxury supercars and superyachts, then I can say you’ve got to be one of the most curious people around. Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon an article about a sea-faring vessel from the mind of a French artist named Julien Berthier. If that name rings a bell, it’s because we’ve featured one of his works before, here on autoevolution.

The Love Love is the vessel that you may have seen before. I personally called it a “French Chop-Shop Dream.” Why? Well, because the Love Love is a sea-worthy vessel that has been designed to look as though it’s constantly sinking. I’ve added an image of the ship just so you can understand exactly what sort of artist we’re up against here.

Julien’s newest addition to the world of whatever category this thing falls into has been dubbed as the L’Invisible, a sea-worthy boat that’s bound to either startle, dumbfound or amaze you. So, what exactly are you looking at? Well, a movable, drivable, artificial rock, that just so happens to double as a boat.

L’Invisible Rock Boat
Photo: Julien Berthier
To get a clear understanding of what this thing is meant to be and achieve, you’ve got to keep in mind that this vehicle is from the mind of an artist, and like most artists, a message is to be conveyed by the structure. What exactly that message may be is rather hard to tell.

According to Berthier’s website, the idea behind the boat seems to be one that expresses several aspects: the boating industry, environmental effects of humans, the playfulness of some, but also modern life itself. Oh, then there’s also something about “modestly intervening” and “imperceptibly modifying” the environment.

The device made its appearance off the coast of Marseille just a few days ago, and since then has already been grabbing the attention of several newspapers, including some that are all about luxury yachting.

Even though this boat has nothing to do with luxury, but rather gets you thinking of how we’re going about this whole boating business, it’s still bound to continue attracting attention, after all, just look at it! Ever since I saw it, I got the whole “why didn’t I think of this” business going on in my head. Heck, you probably will too.

L’Invisible Rock Boat
Photo: Julien Berthier
Honestly, there’s bound to be someone out there that will take the L’Invisible as inspiration and will proceed to build their own “incognito” boat. Heck, all it really is, is a boat shell, some polystyrene, epoxy resin, paints, and an outboard motor. What more do you need? The rest is just art. Actually, the whole thing is art. Personally, I would have figured out a way to integrate some solar panels into the whole construction as to really send a message to the boating industry.

As far as a living space, the interior has not been revealed thus far. All we get to see and know about is that hatch at the front of the boat, which is most likely used to climb aboard, but also looks to be a pilot’s only means of seeing outside the craft.

Sure, it may not be the showiest of all boats or yachts you’ve seen on autoevolution, but since Travel Month is in its final stages, I thought it would be nice to show you how some folks see their ideal boat; invisible and perfectly blended into the environment.

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