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Arrow B1 Claims to Be the Best Value Carbon Fiber E-Bike on the Market, It Is U.S.-Made

While there’s indeed no shortage of options when it comes to choosing an electric bike, the most capable and feature-rich ones are not exactly budget-friendly. In most cases, a cheap bike is a poor-quality bike, and that applies to most things nowadays. Arrow-Cycles aims to change that with its Arrow B1, touting it as the best value carbon fiber e-bike on the market.
Arrow B1 carbon fiber e-bike 7 photos
Arrow B1 carbon fiber e-bikeArrow B1 carbon fiber e-bikeArrow B1 carbon fiber e-bikeArrow B1 carbon fiber e-bikeArrow B1 carbon fiber e-bikeArrow B1 carbon fiber e-bike
Premium and affordable don’t usually go together, and most of the time you get what you paid for. When a product is cheap, it is also low quality, meaning you can expect it to perform badly, lack features, or break sooner than expected. E-bike manufacturer Arrow-Cycles claims it’s come up with the best value e-bike money can buy, a high-quality two-wheeler at a low cost.

A result of 10 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, the Arrow B1 almost sounds too good to be true. It weighs 35 lb (15.8 kg), comes with a T800 carbon fiber frame, hydraulic brakes, modern, premium components, and has a capacity of 300 lb (136 kg). It is assembled in Dallas, U.S.

Available in three sizes (S, M, L), the hardtail B1 is equipped with an Air Fork with 120 mm of travel, 27.5” Maxxis Rubber wheels, and what Arrow-Cycles claims to be the most powerful motor you can put on an e-bike without calling it a motorcycle. With the 750W Bafang motor, the B1 can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 kph) if you want to keep the two-wheeler street legal, and there’s also an off-road version you can opt for, which promises a speed of 45mph+ (over 72 kph).

The Arrow B1 is powered by a 52V 17 Ah lithium-ion battery that offers up to 75 miles (120 km) of range on a single charge. Two hours are enough to fully recharge the battery.

You can check out the e-bike in the video below and on Kickstarter, where it’s the subject of a campaign for another month. A pledge of $1,200 will get you the Arrow B1 e-bike, with the estimated delivery date being March 2022.

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