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Armored Luxury Vehicle for Sale

Be honest, if you'd see this ad in the paper, you'd be curious to see what the car looks like and might even phone in for the price, even if you know you don't have a chance in hell of buying that (for us it's not a question of money, but rather where to park the car).

So after you phone in for details, here's what you find out: the Knight XV is a car developed by a Canadian company called Conquest Vehicles Inc. that makes a nice buck (Canadian bucks that is) selling fully armored luxury vehicles to people who seek protection from evildoers or who just have agoraphobia.

Inspired by the Russian military vehicle Gurkha, the Knight XV has a massive V10 engine under its hood with a whopping 6.8 liters of capacity, 400 hp and 498 ft-lbs of torque. The fact that this car is hand made and fully customized raises the price tag to almost 300,000 dollars, 295,000 to be precise.

While you're not going to get a Gatling gun or rocket launchers, you are going to get a smooth and above all safe ride. The carpeting is made by Wilton Wool, the leather work by Andrew Muirhead, which is wrapped around the 6-way electric boardroom style seating arrangement.

Other features on the inside include a sun roof with privacy shades, personal side-mounted laptop stations, LED cabin lighting, Alpine sound system with AM, FM, CD, DVD options and Bluetooth connectivity, TV monitors, night vision (cool!) cameras and a cool Playstation 3 on board.

The outer shell is made out of ballistic hardened steel. The fenders are made of ballistic fiberglass fenders, bumpers and transparent armored glass. All that armor makes the car weigh in at 10,000 pounds, neat huh? But don't worry about the fuel bill as this car runs on E85 ethanol fuel.

Head of the company William Maizlin said about the project: “We designed this vehicle with three goals in mind. To provide the ultimate in security and luxury while ensuring the vehicle is environmentally friendly”. Only 100 will be made as a first batch since it takes 1500 hours to build one of these cars.


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