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Armored Buggy Hunter MK-200 Is Ideal for Small Squad Military Strikes. Or Dune Riding

The war now taking place over in Ukraine proved that even when it comes to two advanced armies going at each other’s throats, out-of-the-box thinking and the unconventional use of (even civilian) hardware can prove decisive. And what can be more unconventional in such conflicts than small squads going after specific targets fast and swiftly?
Buggy Hunter MK-200 6 photos
Buggy Hunter MK-200Buggy Hunter MK-200Buggy Hunter MK-200Buggy Hunter MK-200Buggy Hunter MK-200
One tool that could facilitate that is the Buggy Hunter MK-200. It’s not a real thing yet, so you’ll not see it deployed on the ground in Ukraine or elsewhere right now, but might very well become a reality on the battlefields of tomorrow, in remote areas or where you least expect it.

The Buggy Hunter is yet another project of UAE-based R&D and project management company Highland Systems, the guys behind other virtual hits like the Phantom armored MPV or the Kronos armored submarine, the manta ray-like vehicle with folding wings.

The multi-purpose tactical Buggy was created with a single goal in mind: to carry troops to dangerous destinations. By troops, we understand small teams of four people that need to go in and out of hot zones fast.

Being a design study, the thing has been envisioned with either ICE (diesel and gasoline) or electrified (electric or hybrid) powertrains. It should have a curb weight of 2,500 kg (5,500 pounds) and be capable of carrying a 700 kg (1,543 pounds) weight.

In the images provided by Highland, the Buggy is not weaponized, but one could easily imagine it as such. We also don’t have any info on a potential production version of this design, but knowing how things go down in the UAE, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this in the real world sometime soon.

Maybe not for military strikes in armored guise, but perhaps as a more conventional machine made for dune riding.


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